Hack an IKEA lamp with Neopixels in MicroPython

Learn how to upgrade an IKEA lamp into a colourful IoT light, with the power of ESP32, MicroPython and Neopixels!

Hack an IKEA lamp with Neopixels in MicroPython

Hello, hardware hackers! MicroPython is an exciting new way to code Neopixels because it allows us to try different light patterns and algorithms quickly without having to compile the code (unlike Arduino). In addition, MicroPython comes with awesome tools like WebREPL which allow us to upload new code to the microcontroller remotely over WiFi!

In this video, you'll first learn the hardware setup for safely connecting an ESP32 to two Neopixel strips, and embedding that inside an IKEA lamp. Then we proceed to code basic RGB light control and HSV light control, followed by implementing an awesome rainbow "Niagara falls" animation! Finally we learn to use WebREPL to upload and run code remotely over WiFi so that the project can be powered independently of your computer.

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Let's dive in!



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